The Dancing Paintbrush


Painting on Music “Dancing Paintbrush”

“The one flows from the other producing”

This course is not only for beginners, but also for music lovers!
This is a course where painting and drawing to music is central.
Here we work in small groups (max. 4 people).
You can
 join the course at any time in this spring.

You will be working with various painting techniques and working on music, accompanied by your brush, your feelings, and your imagination.

Attention is paid to the brush- and brushwork to music. As the course progresses, jointly discussed the choice of music.

The materials you work with are: brushes and ink, acrylic paint and brushes, pencil and charcoal and is hereby worked on different paper types. Picture Aspects; when working with lines, surfaces, composition, and contrast, and as techniques; mix colors are discussed.

And more will be especially paid attention to color and movement in drawing and painting.

And the personal story in your painting.
Music lovers are very welcome on this course.

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